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What is Strengthening Our Programs?

Strengthening Our Programs: Teaching and Learning for Rice's New Century is a set of workshops facilitating review, discussion, and connection in two key areas, both of which happen at both the course and program levels:
  • learning goals and
  • teaching methods and philosophies.  
Products from these proceses should ignite conversations over what we are doing, where important connections or disconnections exist, and how we can support a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.

Why Learning Goals?

As part of the 2006 accreditation process, Rice University programs were required to develop learning goals, also called outcomes or objectives, as  indicators of the skills and knowledge students are expected to have upon completion of a course or program.  All levels of education, from undergraduate minors to specialized learning tracks to majors, and from master's to PhD programs, benefit from established learning goals.  Goals are useful for internal communication--they help students understand and choose the best educational opportunities to fit their needs, and they allow faculty as well as leadership see differences and commonalities among programs.  For external audiences, goals help establish our high standards and unique opportunities.
This site is organized into introductory materials--linked on the top left--and then by workshop cycle.  

Last updated: 26 August 2010
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