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    Mapping Course-Program Learning Goals


To start...

Once you have drafted course and program learning goals--and remember that these goals are perpetually in draft form--then the big benefits can be found in connecting (mapping) the course learning goals to the program learning goals.  

Options include...
  • "top down" mapping: leadership creates the maps and the reflects over the results, 
  • "bottom up" mapping: individual faculty complete the mapping and reflection process, or   
  • mapping in both directions and then discussion of commonalities, discrepancies, questions, and conclusions.
Setting up a map is not difficult, but conversations generated through the process may mean that it takes more time than expected.  On the left is video walking through the map process and a link to the Map Templates, which includes brief instructions.  The Sample Maps, which are discussed in the video, may help visualize the final product.

Once a program and its courses are mapped, then mapping to the CRUP goals will help show how you are supporting Rice's goals for undergraduate education.

Similar to learning goals, your maps are never truly final--as a program, you should periodically revisit the learning goals as well as the map to decide if the bird's-eye view of your curriculum is precise in terms of actual practices and accurate in terms of program goals.

Once your maps are sharable, please send them to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness via email (oie@rice.edu).

Last updated: 10 August 2010
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