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Cycle 1: Writing Primary Course Goals


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The materials on the left will help in the process of developing primary course goals.  

Our purpose is to develop five to seven statements describing knowledge or skills you want students to possess once they have finished your course.  Defining what you teach facilitates communication with colleagues, university leadership, and external audiences.  Goal statements should be...
  • observable,
  • manageable,
  • meaningful.
The video overviews the rationale and process of developing these goals.  The Template for Course Learning Goals should help you move through the drafting and revision process. Additional resources provide more on the theory underpinning the process, as well as ideas for goal verbs.

Although five specific, measureable, meaningful primary goals would be a minimum, you can write more as desired. Develop whatever number is appropriate to your context.  

Last updated: 9 April 2010
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